A moral question

Which group is more moral: Christians or atheist?  It sounds like a clearly worded question, but it assumes that the person asking the question and the person being asked have already agreed what it means to be moral.

History has taught us that there is no moral standard agreed upon by all civilizations.  Some had no problem killing off the weak so that society would be strong; other societies saw life as sacred.  Some were strictly monogamous while others had no problem with a man having a room full of wives.  History tells us that if a society wants something bad enough, it will gladly re-define morality if that’s what it takes. So when you ask which group is more moral, are you not asking by which set of moral codes does the group follow, and do I personally agree with them?

Proverbs records that all the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes. 

With human kind so woefully unable to define something as simple as “Good” and “evil,” I suggest that atheists and Christians alike, as individuals, have only personal choice. The difference between the two groups is Christians acknowledge God’s word as the gage of their personal choices.

How do you justify calling something moral?

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