And what that means is…

Consider the phrase, “And what that means is….”

It’s a cluster of words some have used to pass off man-made doctrine as the Word of God.  I say “some” have used it in this way because I don’t want to assume intent. It is possible that some use the phrase in this way and do not realize what they are doing; they deceive themselves as well as others.

To be clear, if someone reads a scripture from the Bible, and they follow it with nothing else, they can truthfully say that if you oppose what they have said, you have a disagreement with the Word of God.  But there are those who will read a scripture, then follow it with the phrase, “and what that means is…,” then continue with a belief they have BASED on the Word. Once this phrase is added to tack a speakers thoughts onto the the end of a scripture, you very much CAN disagree with them without contradicting the Word of God.  It’s like those movies that change history a bit but are based on a true story.

By the way, it’s not just Christians clinging to a man-made doctrine who do this.  Some anti-theists who attempt to “prove” the Bible wrong, do this as well.

What are your thoughts?

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