Do surveys prove God is dead, or something else?

A survey released by the Doxa consumer research group early in 2019 shows the number of Italians with faith in God had declined by seven percent in less than five years. The survey was commissioned by the Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics. It’s not unlike a lot of surveys and statistics touted by anti-Christians who promote the idea that faith in God is something that will eventually die out.

While I’m quite skeptical of any report funded by a special interest group; the numbers in the Italian report are not surprising, and certainly not something that shouldn’t be expected. What the anti-Christians point to as evidence of God’s demise, I see as affirmation of Biblical prophecy. 2 Timothy tells us in the last days people will love themselves, love money, brag, and be proud. They will love pleasure instead of God. The Bible tells us things will get a lot worse than a simple drop in church attendance.

God doesn’t exist, or not exist, based on the number of people who respond to His call. That’s an atheist presupposition of the idea that man invented God. The Bible tells us that God is patient. Even the distractions thrown out by anti-theists cannot drown out His call to you, if you listen.

The real question isn’t about numbers in a survey. It’s whether or not you will accept His free gift of salvation.

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