Is God an unpaid babysitter?

A popular comedian appeared on 60 Minutes Australia.  The producers posted bonus footage of the celebrity in which he discussed religion and atheism. He said he stopped believing in God because He works as an unpaid babysitter. He went on to explain, faith may seem like a good lie to a working class mom who tells their child, “If I’m not watching you, someone is…” He said it is a lie made for good reason. The comedian’s words, although presented in a humorous and entertaining way, demonstrate a straw man argument often used by anti-Christians: That we follow God out of fear of punishment.

Christians turn to God after being called to Him, and then accepting His gift through faith. Ephesians emphasizes that faith in God does not come from others; and not from ourselves, but is a gift from God. Too, faith does not come from fear.  Could our eyes really be opened to the reality of hell without first having faith in God?  The comedian, and sadly many others, mock Christians whom they wrongly perceive as people who follow God as some sort of eternal fire insurance.  The premise of the comedian’s statement about God is false.

I don’t mention the comedian’s words to mock him, but as an opportunity to ask you a related question. Have you accepted God’s call, or have you resisted the gift of faith as a result of the false things said about Him?

What are your thoughts?

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