Is there a wall between faith and science?

John Lennox is a professor at Oxford University with a Ph.D. in mathematics. He’s often spoken to the question, “Has science buried God?  It’s a question that addresses the false idea that science and faith are somehow contradictory.

But why would a scientist seek answers unless he or she had faith that the universe makes sense, that there may be answers found through experimentation? Do scientists conduct experiments only after knowing an answer can be found, or do they act on faith that the universe is at least in part rationally intelligible, and they have a chance at finding the answer they seek?

There’s no way to know that an answer can be found before an experiment is done, but a scientist will act on faith that the universe has enough order that finding an answer is possible.  Science is about acting on that faith.

Why do you think some are so motivated to believe in a wall between science and God?

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