Our witness on social media

Have you ever seen Facebook posts or YouTube videos with titles like, “Ex-atheist destroys atheism with one tweet” or “Preacher cuts down “free thinkers” with one sentence?”

It may seem odd for a Gospel DJ to critique headlines like these, but I think it’s important that we avoid playing the same game some anti-theists play; that is, seeing winning a debate as the end game. Is it more important to win a debate, or to reach the hearts of non-believers?  Have you really won a debate if the unsaved individual walks away with anger, embarrassment or some negative emotion that makes him or her resistant to discussion about God?

Consider how such exchanges ended between Jesus and the anti-theists of his day.  Do you know of a verse where he walked away puffed up with pride that he had just stomped someone in an argument?

The book of Matthew says if anyone will not heed your words you should shake the dust from your feet when you leave; it doesn’t say to trumpet from the rooftop that you really showed them.

It may be an overused phrase at times, but it really is a good idea to ask, “What would Jesus do?”

What are your thoughts?

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