What is a former atheist?

A very outspoken non-believer complained online that some Christians speak of being former atheists.  Christians, he said, “function as a Cult of “Before” Stories – they love hearing about people claiming membership in the tribes of their enemies, then seeing the light and defecting to Christianity.” Is this a valid complaint?

If you look past his emotionally-charged language, his issue is with something that is what it is, by definition. Babies are born without any belief. At some point, they answered the call of God and become a Christian.   Should it come as a surprise that any person, especially those who became a Christian in their adult life, would want to talk about the joy they found after answering the call of God? Whether or not his complaint is valid depends on whether or not one believes expressing joy from finding God is or is not a good thing. My basis for saying this?  A Christian is one who use to be an atheist, and now follows Jesus.

Rather than fuss over whether or not others are justified in talking about their transformation from non-believer to Christian, isn’t it more important to ask if you have responded to God’s call?  Are you willing to accept his free gift of salvation?

What are your thoughts?

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