Who made you God?

Have you ever quoted a scripture outlining some guideline for Christians and had someone respond by asking, “Who made you God?”  I offer two thoughts about this kind of response to God’s word.

Firstly, responding with this question would make sense if you were the one who wrote the Bible.  But, assuming you are not at least two thousand years old, the question contains a false premise meant to deflect whatever scripture you just read; it claims that you assume you think you are God. It’s not pleasant to be told no, and it can be embarrassing if someone calls you out on some fault, so this kind of deflection is understandable.

But this brings me to the second thought.  No one can accept the Gospel outside of revelation by the Holy Ghost.  2 Corinthians tells us the god of this age blinds those who reject God’s gift.  Because of this, I believe it is like putting the cart before the horse to quote scriptures about a godly lifestyle to those who do not already accept His word.  Once one accepts our Savior, they will seek out His will, and most likely ask other Christians about those same verses.

To be more direct, when any Christian brings up the topic of God, the Bible, or salvation, shouldn’t he or she pause, and ask God for the right words, and that we have the right motive?  Are we trying to bring someone to Him, or just win an argument?

What are your thoughts?

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